Red Mite Powder 500ml Puffer Bottle


Natural diatomaceous earth for effective parasite control in chickens. Safe, non-toxic, and improves feed digestibility.


  • Parasite Control: Eliminates lice, fleas, mites, and worms.
  • Digestive Health: Improves feed digestibility.
  • Safe and Natural: 100% natural and non-toxic.

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Red Mite Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) is a 100% natural product, prepared from the fossilised remains of ancient shell creatures, making it totally inert and safe for humans and animals. This versatile powder is used to protect animals against external parasites (lice, fleas, mites), internal parasites (worms), and to promote general good health.

Treat your chickens and other susceptible animals with Red Mite Powder to maintain their overall health. It can also increase the digestibility of your feed when added at 1-2%, potentially saving you money on food over time. Additionally, it can be used as a mineral supplement for all animals and birds.

This product works mechanically rather than chemically, so no immunity can be built up. As mites crawl through this dust, the microscopically sharp shards scratch the mite’s waxy shell, causing them to slowly dehydrate and die.

How do I use this?

  • When adding to feed: Add Red Mite Powder to your chickens’ feed at roughly 2-5%.
  • When applying directly to your hens: Apply liberally using the ‘Puffer Bottle,’ making sure to coat under the wings and in their nest box.

Caution: We advise wearing gloves and a dust mask when applying DE, as in some cases it can be a skin irritant.

Health Benefits of Ingredients for Chickens:

  1. Diatomaceous Earth: A natural, non-toxic substance that works mechanically to eliminate parasites. It supports overall health by protecting chickens from external and internal parasites.

Supportive Health Functions:

  • Parasite Control: Effectively eliminates lice, fleas, mites, and worms, promoting general health.
  • Digestive Health: Improves feed digestibility when added to chicken feed, leading to potential cost savings.
  • Mineral Supplementation: Provides essential minerals for overall health and vitality.

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Red Mite Powder for Poultry
Red Mite Powder 500ml Puffer Bottle