Grit and Shells

Providing your chickens with the right grit and shell supplements is crucial for their health and productivity. Grit plays a vital role in aiding digestion by helping chickens grind down their food, ensuring they get the most out of their feed. Oyster shells offer a rich source of calcium, essential for strong eggshell formation and overall bone health.

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Our range of poultry grit and shell products ensures your flock receives the vital minerals they need to thrive. Whether you need mixed grit for young chickens or oyster shells for laying hens, we have everything to support your chickens’ digestive health and egg production.

By incorporating these essential supplements into your chickens’ diet, you can promote better overall health, improve feed efficiency, and enhance eggshell quality. Choose from our high-quality selection of grit and shell products to keep your flock in peak condition, ensuring they stay healthy and productive all year round.


High-Quality Ingredients: Made from natural and premium sources to ensure the best nutrition for your chickens.
Variety of Options: Available in various forms and sizes to suit different age groups and needs of your flock.
Easy to Use: Convenient and straightforward application methods for both grit and shells.
Balanced Nutrients: Formulated to provide essential minerals and nutrients that chickens need.


Improved Digestion: Grit aids in the mechanical breakdown of food in the gizzard, ensuring better nutrient absorption.
Strong Eggshells: Oyster shells provide a rich source of calcium, crucial for the formation of strong and healthy eggshells.
Enhanced Overall Health: Regular use of grit and shell supplements promotes overall well-being and vitality of chickens.
Boosted Productivity: Supports optimal health and productivity, leading to better growth and egg production.
Cost-Effective: Helps in improving feed efficiency, potentially reducing the overall feed costs.

Supportive Health Functions:

Digestive Health: Grit helps chickens break down and digest their food more effectively, promoting a healthy digestive system.
Bone Health: The calcium in oyster shells supports strong bone development and maintenance in chickens.
Egg Production: Regular supplementation with oyster shells ensures the formation of strong eggshells, reducing the incidence of broken eggs.
Nutrient Absorption: Improved digestion and nutrient absorption contribute to the overall health and growth of your flock.
Preventive Health: By ensuring your chickens get the essential minerals they need, you can prevent common health issues related to calcium deficiency and poor digestion.

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