Digestive Health & Worming

Digestive Health & Worming for Chickens

Welcome to our Digestive Health & Worming category, where you will find a curated selection of products designed to support and maintain the digestive health and intestinal hygiene of your chickens. Ensuring your poultry’s digestive system is in top condition is essential for their overall health and productivity. Our range includes natural and effective solutions for managing gut health and controlling internal parasites.

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Our Featured Products:

  • Phytopet Chicken Squits – 50ml: A fast-acting liquid herbal solution for birds suffering from loose stools. Simply add to the water feeder for rapid relief and comprehensive digestive support.
  • Phytopet Chicken Worm – 50ml: A gentle, non-toxic herbal supplement designed to support your birds’ intestinal hygiene. Effective against intestinal parasites and easy to administer.
  • Poultry Zest – 500g: A natural supplement to boost your poultry’s health and vitality. Rich in essential nutrients, it promotes overall well-being and productivity.
  • Verm-X Poultry Pellets – 250g: Natural worming pellets that help maintain gut health and control internal parasites. Suitable for regular use.
  • Verm-X Poultry Pellets – 750g: Larger pack of our natural worming pellets, providing an economical option for larger flocks.

Benefits of Our Digestive Health & Worming Products:

  • Comprehensive Digestive Support: Our products are formulated to improve gut health, support digestion, and enhance overall well-being.
  • Natural and Safe: We offer herbal and natural supplements that are safe for regular use and free from harmful chemicals.
  • Easy Administration: Our liquid solutions can be easily added to water feeders, while our pellets are simple to mix with regular feed.
  • Effective Parasite Control: Our worming products help control and eliminate internal parasites, ensuring your chickens remain healthy and productive.

Usage Instructions:

  • Phytopet Chicken Squits and Chicken Worm: Add the recommended dose to your birds’ water feeder for easy administration.
  • Poultry Zest: Mix with your chickens’ regular feed according to the instructions on the packaging.
  • Verm-X Poultry Pellets: Feed directly or mix with regular feed to maintain gut health and control parasites.

Why Choose Our Products?

Our Digestive Health & Worming range is carefully selected to provide the best natural solutions for your chickens. We prioritize quality and effectiveness, ensuring your poultry receives the support they need for optimal health.

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