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High-Quality Chicken Feeders for Your Backyard Flock

Welcome to, your trusted source for premium chicken feeders. Our carefully designed chicken feeders are perfect for backyard chicken owners and enthusiasts who want to keep their flocks well-fed and healthy.

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Our collection features the 15KG No Waste Poultry Feeder, available in both 2-port and 4-port options. These feeders are engineered to minimize feed spillage, reduce waste, and keep feed dry, ensuring your chickens always have access to clean and fresh food. Whether you have a small or medium flock, our feeders cater to your needs, supporting 2-24 chickens efficiently.

Why Choose Our Chicken Feeders?

No More Wasted Feed: Our feeder ports prevent chickens from spilling or soiling feed, cutting down on waste and saving you money on feed costs.
Fresh and Dry Feed: Equipped with rain hoods and a weatherproof lid, our feeders protect feed from the elements, keeping it dry and clean.
Large Capacity: Each feeder holds over 15KG of feed, reducing the frequency of refills and ensuring your chickens always have plenty to eat.
Hand-Assembled in the UK: Every feeder is hand-assembled by our family in Cheshire, guaranteeing quality craftsmanship and durability.

Benefits of Using Our Chicken Feeders

Using our chicken feeders not only promotes a clean and organized coop but also deters pests from scavenging for spilled feed. This means a healthier environment for your chickens and less hassle for you. Our feeders are compatible with all types of chicken feed, including pellets, crumbles, grains, and scratch, making them versatile and practical for any backyard chicken keeper.

At, we are committed to providing top-notch products that enhance your chicken-keeping experience. Explore our range of chicken feeders and make feeding your flock easier and more efficient. Shop now and enjoy the benefits of reduced waste, fresher feed, and a happier flock!

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