Mega Chicken Drinker – 8 Nipple Water Dispenser | 50L Capacity

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Our Large Chicken Drinker with 8 Nipple Water Dispenser is designed for backyard chickens, providing a constant supply of clean and fresh water. With a 50L capacity, no-drip nipples, and a durable build, this water drinker ensures your chickens stay hydrated without daily refills. Easy to set up, refill, and clean.

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Introducing our Mega Chicken Drinker – 8 Nipple Water Dispenser with a 50L capacity, the perfect solution for keeping your backyard chickens hydrated with minimal effort. Designed for ease of use and durability, this chicken water drinker is a must-have for any poultry keeper.

Key Features:

  • No Drip: The horizontal nipples are completely drip-free, reducing water waste and keeping the coop dry.
  • 100% No Leak: Each nipple is fitted with a high-quality seal and stainless steel spring, preventing leaks and blockages.
  • Large 50L Capacity: Holds over 50 litres of water, reducing the need for daily refills and ensuring a constant water supply.
  • Simple and Easy to Refill: Comes with a weatherproof lid for easy top access and refilling.
  • Fresh and Clean Water: Elevated nipples prevent contamination, ensuring that the water remains clean and fresh.


  • Durable and Reliable: Made from robust polypropylene, this feeder is built to last. Each unit is hand-assembled for quality assurance.
  • Easy to Clean: A simple wipe with a wet cloth keeps the feeder clean and hygienic.
  • Secure Design: Features two clips to secure the lid, providing extra safety.
  • Anti-Tip Design: The anti-tip feature ensures stability, preventing spills and making it a reliable choice for your poultry needs.
  • Portable: Equipped with carry handles, this feeder is easy to move and refill around your yard.

Why We Think You Will Love This Product:

  • Ease of Use: The chicken drinker is designed to be incredibly easy to set up and refill. The large opening at the top makes adding water a breeze, so you can spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your chickens.
  • Water Capacity: With a 50L capacity, this water drinker ensures you only need to refill it once a week for a flock of 12 chickens. It’s perfect for busy poultry keepers who want to ensure their chickens are always hydrated without constant refills.
  • Durability: Built to last, this drinker has been praised for its durability. Even after a year of use, it remains in excellent condition, providing a reliable water source for your chickens.
  • Leak Prevention: The no-drip design is one of its standout features. The high-quality seals and stainless steel springs work perfectly to prevent any leaks, ensuring your coop stays dry and clean.
  • Water Cleanliness: The elevated nipples keep the water clean and fresh, preventing chickens from kicking dirt into them. Your chickens will always have access to uncontaminated water, promoting their health and well-being.


  • Dimensions: 40cm x 41cm x 51cm
  • Includes: 8 horizontal nipples, weatherproof lid, two carry handles
  • Suitable For: 12-36 chickens (not suitable for chicks under 12 weeks old)

Additional Information:

  • Simple Assembly: Easy to follow instructions make setup straightforward.
  • Maintenance Tips: Regular cleaning of the nipples ensures a hygienic water supply.

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Original price was: £89.99.Current price is: £69.99.