TURbo Boost for Chickens


An easy-to-feed natural tonic with turmeric and cider vinegar to support overall health, digestion, and immune function.


  • Digestive Health: Supports healthy digestion with fibre and cider vinegar.
  • Immune Support: Antioxidants boost the immune system.
  • Feather and Shell Health: Promotes healthy feathers and strong eggshells.
  • Energy Provision: Provides essential carbohydrates for sustained energy.
  • Overall Health: Enhances vitality with a blend of vitamins and minerals.

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TURbo Boost is an easy-to-feed natural tonic that contains Turmeric, an amazing natural ‘Super’ herb known for its health benefits. Turmeric helps maintain healthy skin, eyes, and brain function. We also add Cider Vinegar, which supports general health and wellbeing while aiding digestion. Weight 400g.

This tonic includes flaxseed to promote feather health and calcium to help with shell strength. TURbo Boost is highly recommended for ex-battery hens and is also suitable for all ducks, geese, and turkeys.

What’s in it?

Maize Meal, Turmeric, Alfalfa, Flaxseed, Beet Pulp, Calcium Carbonate, Cider Vinegar, Black Pepper.

How do I feed this?

It can be fed as a general daily tonic or used as targeted health support (2 to 4 weeks) for bringing birds into condition.

  • As a daily food: 2.5g per bird, per day is required – 1 enclosed scoop equals 10g, a daily supply for 4 birds.
  • As targeted health support: 3.5g per bird, per day is required – 1 enclosed scoop equals 10g, a targeted supply for 3 birds per day.

Health Benefits of Ingredients:

  • Maize Meal (Corn Meal): Good source of energy, providing essential carbohydrates. Highly palatable and easily digestible.
  • Turmeric: Strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties due to curcumin. Supports immune system, improves digestion, promotes overall health.
  • Alfalfa: Rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Supports overall health, improves egg quality, enhances immune system.
  • Flaxseed: Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, essential for overall health and feather quality. Provides fibre for digestion.
  • Beet Pulp: Good source of fibre, aids in digestion and gut health, provides some energy, and regulates blood sugar levels.
  • Calcium Carbonate: Essential for strong bones and eggshell formation in laying hens.
  • Cider Vinegar: Helps eliminate internal parasites, improves gut health, has antimicrobial properties, aids in digestion.
  • Black Pepper: Contains piperine with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Supports immune system and improves digestion.

Supportive Health Functions:

  • Energy Provision: Maize meal provides essential carbohydrates for sustained energy levels.
  • Digestive Health: Fibre-rich ingredients like flaxseed, beet pulp, and apple cider vinegar aid in digestion and promote gut health.
  • Immune Support: Antioxidant-rich ingredients such as turmeric, black pepper, and alfalfa help boost the immune system.
  • Bone and Eggshell Health: Calcium carbonate provides necessary calcium for strong bones and eggshells in laying hens.
  • Overall Health: The combination of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds supports overall health and vitality.

These ingredients collectively contribute to the overall health, growth, and productivity of chickens, ensuring they receive a balanced diet with essential nutrients.

Analytical Constituents:

  • Crude Protein: 12%
  • Crude Fats & Oils: 8%
  • Crude Fibres: 13%
  • Crude Ash: 5%
  • Lysine: 0.5%
  • Methionine: 0.2%

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TURbo Boost for Chickens
TURbo Boost for Chickens