Red Mite Smoke Bomb 3.5g


Professional grade Red Mite Smoke Bombs containing 13.25% Permethrin, designed to eliminate red mites and other pests quickly and effectively. Ideal for poultry coops, sheds, lofts, and garages.


  • Fast-acting and comprehensive pest control
  • Leaves no residue or odour
  • Effective against a wide range of pests

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These professional grade smoke bombs are the strongest on the market, containing Permethrin at 13.25% w/w. These fast-acting smoke bombs will kill all poultry red mites in the enclosed targeted area without staining. They are low odour and work perfectly as part of a comprehensive treatment for red mite infestations.

After lighting, the smoke bomb releases permethrin smoke, which fumigates the treatment area, killing all red mites. Once dispersed, the smoke leaves no residue, ensuring surfaces are not tainted. Each 3.5g smoke bomb will treat an area around 2m x 2m x 1.8m. For larger areas, use additional smoke bombs, equally spaced.

These insect smoke bombs are also effective against spiders, cluster flies, moths, and cockroaches. They can be used in homes as they leave no residue or odour.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation: Ensure no livestock or animals are present in the treatment area. Make the area as airtight as possible by closing all openings, including windows and doors.
  2. Application: Place the required number of smoke bombs on a heat-resistant surface, such as an old plate. Light the fuse and leave the treatment area, closing any doors behind you.
  3. Post-Treatment: Leave the area for 2-3 hours to allow the smoke to disperse thoroughly. Ventilate the area well before re-entering. Always ensure the smoke bomb is cold before removal.

Additional Tips:

  • Always wear a safety mask when using this product.
  • For best results, combine with regular cleaning practices and other red mite treatments.

Product Information:

  • Vacate the treatment area before application. Cover food, food preparation equipment, and eating utensils. Remove or cover all foodstuffs before application. Do not apply to surfaces where food or feed is stored, prepared, or eaten. Remove or cover fish tanks and bowls before application. Keep in a safe place away from children and sources of ignition. Dispose of used smoke bombs safely. Read all precautions before use. For use only as an insecticide.


  • Extremely dangerous to fish and other aquatic life.
  • Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed.
  • May cause sensitisation by skin contact.

Available Size:

  • 3.5g Smoke Bomb

By using these smoke bombs as directed, you can ensure a thorough and effective treatment of red mites and other pests, maintaining a healthy and safe environment for your poultry and other animals.

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Red Mite Smoke Bomb 3.5g
Red Mite Smoke Bomb 3.5g