Little Hen Supplies Automatic Chicken Drinker

Automatic Chicken DrinkerOur chicken drinker is perfect for backyard chickens.

It has been designed and made by a fourth-generation chicken keeper to bring you a simple yet practical poultry drinker which is suitable for backyard chickens.

This drinker will provide a constant supply of water, stop water spillage and most importantly, keep the water clean.

Each cup automatically refills once it is half-empty so your chickens will always have access to clean and fresh water. It is suitable for bantams and standard sized fowl too.

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What Is Included:

  • 15L automatic chicken water dispenser (11.5 x 11.5 x 10 inches).
  • Carry handle to make refilling easy.
  • Tight seal weatherproof lid.
  • 4 automatic chicken waterer cups.
  • Ideal for 10-12 chickens.